Om utfordringer med e-læring:

Use an Interactive Process
Long an advocate of tending to the affective or emotional aspects of learning while tilling the fields of the cognitive, I have been concerned about the social and motivational side of the educational transaction in teaching online. How would meaning be constructed in a less fertile social environment? How could students become engaged at a distance? How could I, the personification of active learning, prevent myself from being a talking head and, gasp, taking a step backward pedagogically?

There was only one way to begin to answer these questions: dive in, reflect, request the reflections of the learners, look at the results, and formatively assess the situation for myself.

One major goal for my session was to raise the learners’ awareness, as well as my own, of how their students would experience online instruction, how that experience informs the choices they would be making in teaching online courses, and how to become as metacognitive as possible. I wanted them to think not so much about what they were learning, but how they were internalizing it and feeling about it.

Try it. Think and feel about it. Fix it. Try it again.

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